Reiki & Healing



     Reiki is a complimentary therapy.

Reiki restores balance and harmony within the mind and body by the transmission of healing energy through the hands of the practitioner.  It works on the energy fields mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and the energy  gets drawn to where it is most needed, at whatever level.

Like anything, if you don't service it, it can become sluggish or even breakdown.
Our bodies are the same, as over time we accumulate physical and emotional stresses and traumas that leave an imprint on the energy field of the body.

Reiki is an energetic cleanser for the mind, body and soul.

The treatments take place fully clothed and usually lying down on a couch.
During and after a session, you will expect to feel a deep sense of calmness and peace, like everything is just as it should be...



   "I have just had a Reiki treatment with Claire.  It was extremely moving, enlightening and spiritual cleansing.

Claire has a very special gift in enabling you to gain deeper insight within and to help unblock deep resistances.

I felt so clear and free after the treatment."


    "I contacted Claire when I was in need of some calmness and clarity in my life

I was taken away by Claire's warm, kind and gentle spirit. Whilst extremely professional, it was like talking to an old friend.

For my first few sessions we started with Reiki, then moved on to Transformational Healing. This took me to a much deeper place and unlocked and removed emotional and physical blockages that had been with me for a number of years and had been causing a very negative effect on my life.

I feel so much better within myself."


                                      Sound Bath Healing




                                                                                                                                                                                     Sound healing is a therapy using Tibetan singing bowls which uses sound and vibration, first the sound will relax you and the vibrations will move blockages in the energy system.

Everything is energy, so these bowls create high vibrational energy which makes it easy to heal to heal anything that needs healing, working on a emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level.

It's extremely good at dealing with anxiety and  deep rooted, long term issues.

The healing goes to where it is needed in the body, leaving you feeling free, relaxed and extremely peaceful.

On my recent travels to the Himalayas, I trained as a Sound Bath healer. I studied with the great teacher Sanjay Tiwari, who is from the Himalayas and dedicates his life to Sound Bath healing and also teaches workshops in India and around the world.



                                    Transformational healing

Transformational healing is very much like Reiki, but works on a much deeper level.
It can get to the root of long standing issues or blockages that are having a negative affect on your life like anger, anxiety, depression, or unknown issues that are sometimes suppressed.

Together we work to identify the issue and help to draw out and transform into states that better serve your mind or body.

It's a really powerful treatment and can create shifts from a very deep place.
After the session you will expect to feel blissful, happy and often in a place of relief after shifting layers that have been within you, often having a negative affect on your health and happiness.

I started my Reiki journey 15 years ago and have been practising ever since.
I trained in  Level 1, 2 and Masters and also teaching where I can train others.

In 2012  I received my training in Transformational Healing.

My teacher all the way through my journey of healing has been Shakti Cabral, who is an inspiration in this field and is now based in Koh Phanang, Thailand