"Today's online class you did live was so good!! I felt wonderful afterwards and was pleasantly surprised how well an online class worked"

         Alexandra  London.  March 2020


       "I want to thank you for such an outstanding workshop today. It was really challenging both mentally and physically and very inspiring all at the same time.

I learnt so much today and left the practice very eager to deepen my knowledge. 

You are an amazing teacher. Thank you"

         Alice. London. March 2020


    " Claire is absolutely one of the best teachers out there and her classes are terrific. The atmosphere is very supportive, while the content is challenging and extremely well thought through and structured.  Excellent classes which I cannot recommend highly enough"

            Elisabeth. London.  January 2020


           " Claire, you are a gem and such an inspiration to me. Your last workshop on January 5th was pure magic. We are blessed to have you teach us and help us improve our lives."

                Laurence. London  January 2020 



        "Thank you Claire for an amazing workshop. The day was extraordinary. We are so lucky you can organise such a wonderful schedule for us. It was such a deep and spiritual day, but also so much fun with lots of laughs along the way!"

             Adelina. London  May 2019

       " I just wanted to say thank you for an exceptional experience yesterday at your workshop, the whole day was a real gift. It flowed flawlessly from yoga to meditation, to breathing techniques to chanting, cultivating with the beautiful Sound Bath at the end, which was ethereal. It felt so spiritual. 

You'd put so much effort into the whole workshop Claire ... It was an absolute joy and very much appreciated."

               Nicky. London.  May 2019


        "Claire's teaching is a magical combination of subtle strength and gentle grace, it leaves me feeling empowered and open to letting in exactly what I need at that given point.

Claire is a delightful, caring teacher and with her alignment cues and sequencing it feels very attentive... like your own private class!

I love it and would recommend to anyone regardless of whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi."

            Helen. London.  May 2019



          "Although new to Claire's classes, I joined the retreat she organised this year in the Himalayas, India.

I was blown away by the mix of physical practice and spirituality that I experienced on the trip.

Claire led us through such a rich and varied week of yoga, religious ceremonies, sound bath workshop and many more. I was left humbled and transformed, gradually gaining self - confidence  as the week went on.

It was a truly transforming journey and  I truly thank Claire for making me part of it."

            Cat. London.   April 2019   



        " The days in Veda 5 Rishikesh with Claire were too short! 
I spent a week there that I’ll never forget, a yoga retreat that nourished  my soul, my body and my mind. We had 5 hours of yoga and meditation with Claire every day. Challenging, but a treat that I immediately got used to and became addicted to. Claire put together a wonderful group of such nice people! I didn’t know anybody and I loved them all. The place was incredibly beautiful, clean, comfortable and with exquisite staff. On the Himalaya hills, it’s surrounded by pristine nature, not far from “Mama Ganga” , the holy Ganges river.  Last but not least the food was an extraordinary experience. I’m now conscious that is possible to eat cruelty free. It’s actually  so tasty and good for you especially if vegetables are cooked with the amazing Ayurvedic recipes of the Veda 5’ chef. I’ll always be grateful to Claire for showing me, in this special place where yoga was born, that yoga is an attitude toward life.

           Namaste. "            

           Angelica  London,  April 2019


       " This Retreat in the Himalayas, India  was an amazing experience for me. I arrived not really having done any Yoga before and I immediately felt welcomed and included in quite an experienced Group. Claire is a superb Yoga Teacher, so fun and down to earth but highly connected to the Yoga. Every day we did different Yoga exercises and routines and she is a fount of knowledge and creativity which makes the whole experience so stimulating and interesting. I would definitely attend anything she is organising. This is a life experience not to be missed."

           James. London April 2019

      "Claire is a very strong and humane woman.  Her teaching is always led with kindness by a high desire of offering you the best of yoga. Challenging your body and calming your mind, mastering emotions and surrounding light and spirituality.

 Yoga with Claire is always a pleasure, a great funny moment to learn more about yourself. 

  Thank you Claire for all your support you give me with enthusiasm.

        Mary. London   February 2019

      "I started yoga with Claire a year and a half ago...more or less a beginner, I was worried about not been able to keep up but Claire immediately puts you at ease, she takes time to help you with your poses and has a very peaceful aura about her......I’ve now done 3 of her day workshops and this summer my very first retreat! The work Claire put into that week to make it very magical was outstanding. My confidence and understanding of yoga and meditation has improved so much and that’s with thanks to Claire a great yogi."🙏🏻

         Carole .  London October 2018

       " Claire's retreat was a really wonderful experience. Claire has a great balance of teaching a strong practice with a deep spiritual element.

She keeps it joyful and I can see that I have moved on in my yoga journey with her.

Great location and food was fantastic too!"

           Sarah.  August 2018

         "My experience on Claire's retreat was amazing and life changing. 

With the 5 hours of yoga and meditation daily I became stronger both physically and emotionally.

Claire just made it perfect with her style of teaching. She is very experienced and uses this to guide her students and assist in anyway possible, as well as making it so much fun!

I also had Reiki treatments and Transformational Healing which were so deep and I could feel old and stuck issues just leave me. It was amazing!

Claire, you speak the language of a true yogi and its obvious you practice it."

            Rachel. Portland USA  August 2018

    "I have been to so many classes over the years and Claire really is one, if not the best teacher in the area. Her classes are wonderful. I also attend her workshops, which are always inspiring.

I can not recommend her highly enough."


       "Claire was recommended to me a couple of years ago. I had tried yoga before at a few different places, but didn't really enjoy the classes, but I was so surprised at how immediate I enjoyed the class with Claire. She is an amazing teacher. I love her classes and now go 3 times a week and would highly recommend them. You do sweat, but feel so good afterwards.

I feel more flexible and balanced.

Love it!  Thank you Claire!"


        "I contacted Claire when I was in need of some calmness and clarity in my life

I was taken away by Claire's warm, kind and gentle spirit. Whilst extremely professional, it was like talking to an old friend.

For my first few sessions we started with Reiki, then moved on to Transformational Healing. This took me to a much deeper place and unlocked and removed emotional and physical blockages that had been with me for a number of years and had been causing a very negative effect on my life.

I feel so much better within myself."




      "I have just had a session of Reiki with Claire. It is the first time I have tried it. I found it profoundly moving, enlightening and cleansing.  

Claire most definitely has a special give in being able to enable emotional expression in others and to unblock deep resistance."




      "Absolutely blissful week in the Andulucian Mountains with Claire on her retreat. 

The yoga classes were amazing - Claire's classes combined the perfect blend of physicality and spirituality, lightness and thoughtfulness. 

In a group of mixed abilities, she enabled everyone to achieve their best and offered constant assistance and encouragement with correct alignment and posture. Although teaching a large group of people, Claire managed to make everybody feel that she was relating to each one of us personally and individually."



        "I've just spent the most amazing week on Claire's retreat in the Andalucian Mountains. I first met Claire last summer when I was visiting London from my home of Turks and Caicos and I enjoyed her classes so much, that when she told me she was running a retreat, I booked straight away and I am so glad I did.It was the most magical journey that taught me so much about myself. 

We did 5 hours of yoga and meditation per day. My practices has grown significantly because of this.

Claire is the most inclusive, enlightened and unintimidating  yoga teacher I have come across . 

Her retreats and classes are not to be missed!"

    Courtney   Turks & Caicos. August 2018


         "I started attending Claire's yoga classes when I moved to London. I tried numerous others first in other studios, but it was when I found Claire that I realised this was what I was looking for.

Claire's classes, but a long stretch are definitely my favourite., as they feel personalised and she interacts with you on a personal level, often adding anecdotes about her own practice and life. She manages a perfect balance of pushing you but at the same time letting you remain light.She has a great way of teaching and is also great fun!

I genuinely leave every class with a light hearted mood and feel rejuvenated inside and out.

I have attended many "mass' yoga classes, but Claire's are just something special."


     "I highly recommend Claire's classes. She holds classes around Kensington. She is one of the few yoga instructors I've come across in this country whom teaches yoga from the principles they were founded on and I should know being Indian".


    "Thank yo so much Claire for everything. You've changed the way I feel in myself and have given me so much positive energy.

I feel so much happier in myself than I ever felt before"


     "I have been going to Claire's classes for 2 years now. I really enjoy them as she totally motivates me and my practice has improved so much.I have now completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal and look forward to continuing my yoga journey with Claire."


      "Claire's yoga is wonderful - somehow she creates the most lovely of classes which is perfect for serious yogi's and more novice's too all in the same class. A kind and humorous understanding and gentle iron fist in a velvet glove gets you doing things you never thought was possible.

She teaches you how to breath correctly to coax your body in postures.

I always leave feeling taller, calmer and more centred."


    "I went to a class Claire was teaching last night in Islington and enjoyed it so much.

I particularly liked her calm energy whist still instructing a busy and fast paced class. There was just the most wonderful balance where it was active but still made me feel at ease. I have been to a lot ofVinyasa classes, but they seem to miss the mark on this."


        "Claire offers transformational yoga that is both physically challenging, requiring a deal of fitness and stamina and incredibly meditative. I leave every single one of her classes feeling restored, stronger and completely connected with myself. somehow she helps me to realign my values and sense of self. 

Claire is very knowledgable as a teacher and is precise, technically diverse and rebalancing.

The yoga workshops that she teaches a few times a year are not to be missed. They offer yoga and meditation on a deeper level and are powerfully restorative and great fun at the same time.

I would defiantly recommend Claire for classes, I just love them!!"