Yoga means Union of the mind, body and spirit.  It's an ancient art based on a harmonising system of development for the mind body and spirit.

The continual practice of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and wellbeing and give you a feeling of being at one with yourself.  Yoga is powerful at unlocking the vast potential of your mind, body and spirit and moving blocked energy.

I teach a blend of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha.  Each session is different as I tend to work from the energy of the class.

I work from a spiritual place when teaching, so emphasis on the mind and breath and staying mindful will be reminded  throughout. I like my classes to feel challenging and creative, with a mix of fast pace and slow.

I give guidance and assistance with correct alignment and always finish with a beautiful guided meditation.

Mostly I like to teach with a fun and light manner, I want my students to go out feeling lighter and happier than when they arrived. Let's be honest that there is enough heaviness in life!

I love yoga and love teaching and I want my passion to fill into every class.